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Alive Covenant Church



Martin & Kim website 3Martin & Kim Cockroft, Resident Artists

Once at bedtime, our oldest daughter –three at the time– asked us a startling, honest question: “How do I hear God?”  We answered: God speaks to us through the Bible, through the people we love, through music, through art. . .”  As writers and musicians, we have often encountered the great majesty, quiet tenderness, and engulfing love of Jesus through art, specifically music.  Whether it’s Mozart’s Requiem or a familiar hymn or even some of those contemporary songs, music at its best creates a space of mystery, beauty, and community that makes us fall more deeply in love with God.  Music often crosses strong barriers of culture, age, and prejudice and brings God’s people to places of reconciliation and healing.  We love few things more than a good jam session–so if you’re musically inclined or just love to sing or tap your foot, pleaseand become part of Alive’s growing arts scene.  And don’t forget to join the conversation at Each Holy Hour.

Kim and Martin are both writers.  Kim grew up overseas and Martin grew up in Houston, TX, but they fell in love in Chicago and have enjoyed singing their three young daughters through many a restless evening.  They recently moved to Poulsbo from Pennsylvania and hope to stay for a good long while.


Daron Jagodzinske, Pastorjagfam

Daron is the founding pastor of Alive Covenant Church. Born in Welcome, Minnesota (that’s right, the sign said “Welcome to Welcome”), Daron spent his first 18 years growing up and working on the family farm. He and his wife, Kristin, have 5 children – Justus, Greta, Ella, Fia and Kwame.

Daron loves seeing God at work in people’s lives, sharing life with Kristin, being a dad, playing basketball, beating his buddies in fantasy football, laughing at Will Ferrell, salmon fishing, eating crab, and exploring the beauty of the northwest.

Along the way, Daron has received a B.A. in Accounting, worked as a social worker, studied Clinical Psychology and Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, and received his Master of Divinity at North Park Seminary.