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Alive Covenant Church


Becca McNurney, Director of Youth Ministry

Becca is the first Youth Pastor of Alive Covenant church. She has grown up in Kingston and has attended Alive since being invited to house church as a high schooler.

Becca loves playing tennis and pickle ball, watching basketball, relaxing on Indianola beach, being an aunt to Evan, hosting at her house, and exploring the beauty of the PNW.

Becca graduated from Kingston High School in 2013 and received a B.S. in Community Health Education from Western Washington University in 2017.

Mackenzie Ryan, Director of Children’s Ministry

Before I became a wife to Trever, and Mom to Sable, Adelaide and Michael, some aspect of every job I took revolved around kids.  Everything from a nanny to a Montessori preschool teacher, to teaching cooking classes to young girls and volunteering with pregnant moms.  Children have and always will be part of who I am, to my very core.

One of the most powerful teachings on child-rearing I ever heard was on Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.”  As the pastor broke this verse down, he explained that a better way to interpret the meaning might be “Train up a child in the way they are bent” and this has forever revolutionized how I work with children.

Our children are not just tiny humans that we tote along for the ride at church.  Rather, they are each individual members of our congregation with thoughts and opinions that matter.  I long to see each child that comes through the doors of Alive feel empowered to live their faith fully and completely as they are right now.  Faith is not something that waits until you are a grown up.

Learning how to live our faith is not always easy though.  Sometimes it is battled for over tearful conversations, and other times just through trust building exercises of Fortnite dance-offs and jalapeno eating contests.  I desire to be an adult who fights for our children with respect, love, and an ever-constant listening ear.  But while I’m at it, I’ll probably challenge them to a popsicle stick building competition and a chorus of extremely silly songs.


Daron Jagodzinske, Pastor

Daron is the founding pastor of Alive Covenant Church. Born in Welcome, Minnesota (that’s right, the sign said “Welcome to Welcome”), Daron spent his first 18 years growing up and working on the family farm. He and his wife, Kristin, have 5 children – Justus, Greta, Ella, Fia and Kwame.

Daron loves seeing God at work in people’s lives, sharing life with Kristin, being a dad, playing basketball, beating his buddies in fantasy football, laughing at Will Ferrell, salmon fishing, eating crab, and exploring the beauty of the northwest.

Along the way, Daron has received a B.A. in Accounting, worked as a social worker, studied Clinical Psychology and Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary, and received his Master of Divinity at North Park Seminary.